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Paypal Payments

Although the PayPal facility has not been integrated into this site one of our committee members has offered to process PayPal payments through his personal account for items purchased through this website, this includes such things as publications and back issues.
If you would like to purchase items through this method of payment please make it known when submitting your requests on the order enquiry forms. There is a preferred method of payment dropdown which includes PayPal, providing the item(s) are available you will then be provided with the account details and amount that you need to make payment too.
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Autumn Stampex !!
The MSC has a room booked at the Autumn Stampex on Saturday 16 September between 2.30 and 4.30, check which room on arrival. The themes for displays are 'recent acquisitions', query items needed more information' and 'interesting items from my collection'

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MSC March 2016 Auction

The March 31 Auction catalogue is now available

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Postal History of World War I
Photographic Postcards of World War I

The Postal History :
The book covers (in over 470 pages, many in colour): Civil Postal Services, Postal Censorship, Civil Censorship Resealing Labels, Military Postal Services, Royal Navy Mail and Censorship, The Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force, British Army Mail and Censorship, Troopship Mail, Hospital Ships Mail, Mail from the Wounded, Allied Forces Mail, Maltese On Active Service Overseas, Prisoners of War at Malta, Prisoner of War Postal History, The SMS Emden prisoners in Malta, Prisoner of War Postal Stationery, Prisoner of War greeting cards and special events, Turkish Deportees in Malta 1919 – 1921. There are detailed appendices which give for the first time a comprehensive listing of all PoWs held in Malta. There is a huge amount of original, never before published, research. This book is set to become the definitive work on the postal history of this fascinating period.

The photographic postcards:
In its over 250 pages, this exceptionally visual book illustrates almost 500 photographic (not the common, printed) cards which so ably depict what life was like for the Allied forces and especially the Prisoners of War during the war. The range of illustrations on the PoW material, showing the camps, living conditions, the arts, personalities and people, special events, exhibitions of prisoners’ work has never been equalled. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of Malta, and especially in PoWs. It is remarkable how many such images have survived, and indeed were permitted by the authorities, especially when compared to the paucity of such cards from the second World War.

Taken together these books represent, arguably, the most comprehensive historical review of Malta in World War I yet published. The role of Malta during this conflict has, perhaps, not yet been fully recognised. It was an invaluable Naval Base, acted as the ‘Nurse of the Mediterranean’, catering for large numbers of wounded troops, and provided accommodation for Prisoners of War of many nationalities. Malta also sent many of its own men overseas to serve the Allied cause. The books tell these stories through postal history, and photographic cards.

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Revenue stamps of the Workman's Compensation Ordinance and the National Insurance Scheme 1929-1974
Malta Study Paper 53
ISBN : 978-0-9562435-2-2

An in depth study into these seldom seen revenue issues.
A complimentary reference to the Study Paper 28 Revenue Stamps.

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  Publication News
Malta Village Postmarks on Covers and Cards
Malta Study Paper 24A
ISBN : 09534875-6-3

An alphabetical listing by Village of all known cancellations on cover or card.
A complimentary reference to the Study Paper 25 Village reference.

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  Publication News
King George VI Postage Stamps and Postal Services of Malta
Malta Study Paper 33
ISBN : 09534875-5-5

The latest revision to the Study Circles King George VI paper which now includes the postal history for this period.

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  Publication News
Postal History of World War II
ISBN 978-0-9562435-0-8

The book covering Malta Postal history 1939-1945 has now been published and already available through some philatelic retailers.

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Coffee Bar at 12:30 !

As many of our members travel to London for Stampex and Philatex etc, it is suggested that people should visit the coffee bar at 12:30 on the day they are there when there could be a chance of other members being there also.
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11 December 2017

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The Spink Graham Cooper Sale
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